The Oatley Academy at Rome

Such an amazing experience to have the whole team Of Chris Oatley doing a conference at Rome.

Great speech from outstanding people about visual story telling.

One of the key moments was when Claire Keane did a live portrait, answering questions in the same time. It was a so magical and pleasant moment.

This is a my capture of this great moment.

File 01-10-16 20 13 05.jpeg

Villa Borghese – Rome

When I have the opportunities I go to Rome downtown and if the weather is nice, which it’s often the case in Rome, I go in a quiet place and grab my sketchbook for sketching what is around me. In  big and crazy cities, quiet places = parks.

So I went to Villa Borghese, a truly enchanting place for breathing a less polluted air. I didn’t had my sketchbook that day, (shame on me), so I took my smartphone and did a quick this digital sketch.