The Oatley Academy at Rome

Such an amazing experience to have the whole team Of Chris Oatley doing a conference at Rome.

Great speech from outstanding people about visual story telling.

One of the key moments was when Claire Keane did a live portrait, answering questions in the same time. It was a so magical and pleasant moment.

This is a my capture of this great moment.

File 01-10-16 20 13 05.jpeg

To the beach!

Yesterday was the first sea day of the year. Not ideal for me to have a camera with me, (water,  sand, thieves,…) so I preferred grabbing my Sketchbook to fix memories of that day. 

Then there was a dancing time on the beach. Quite fun for Loïs.

Finally playing around in the water.

I drew an old lady as well (on the top left corner). She had nothing to do with the rest of the page but she was fun to draw. 

It was like playing in the middle of the highway

We got invited to a wedding.

At the restaurant, after just half an hour, all kids already get up from the tables and started playing around in the middle of the big room in a huge empty space.

They were all running, shouting and laughing.

Loïs who was few month before turning three, was around all those crazy exited kids. She tried to interact with few of them but she was, in the same time, clearly overwhelmed by the speed and the powerful energy of the other more grown up kids.

I took my smartphone and I sketched the situation how I saw it.

2015-05-30 17.56.01.png